Top 5 Tips For Disneyland


I’m a huge Disney fan, and recently, have been afforded the chance to go often with an annual pass. And since I’ve been going frequently, there’s a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that make the trip less exhausting and stressful. So if you’re in the mood to brave the crowds and see some magical fun, check out my top 5 tips for visiting the park!

1) Get a fastpass for Cars

cars-land-rides (1)

Get up early, and be at California Adventure for opening, head STRAIGHT to the Cars fast pass, do nothing else until you have this in your hand. This is by far, the most popular ride at both parks. The wait times are always over an hour, that chews up A LOT of your park time. So instead, get a fast pass for later in the day and plan the day around that. If you wait too late in the morning, the passes could be for as late at 8 in the evening, or even out completely! Meaning if you want to ride it, you’re gonna have to stand there for hours. So play it smart and get there early for this one!


2)  Cluster your rides


To avoid fatigue and sore feet, try to work your way through the park by the lands. Get fast passes for the major rides in the area, then ride all the smaller rides while you wait for those to hit. Then once you’re done, you can move onto the next land. It saves you a lot of energy running back and forth across the huge parks. Have more time to kill in a certain area? See a show or get a treat, its a good rest while you wait for the next adventure and gives you more time to appreciate the scenery!


3) Save shopping for after the park closes


There are tons of cute little shops sprinkled throughout the park, but the biggest and best selection is the main Disney store in Downtown Disney area. So you’re welcome to scope out some things you want to purchase, but the best plan is to wait until the park closes to make your purchases. That way you don’t have to carry that stuff throughout the park and you don’t waste ride time shopping. Downtown Disney is open much later the parks so you’ll have plenty of time to find all your goodies!


4) See the shows

I mentioned this in tip 2 but it’s worth a deeper look. Disney has a ton of neat and interesting shows and events you can see. These are great for taking breaks from the heat, the crowds, and rest your feet. The Aladdin show is AMAZING and well worth seeing, especially since it will soon be replaced (thanks Frozen). Pro Tip: Sit up top in the balcony section, much better view!” Also the animation studio is great for a hands on activity!


5) Stay Close to the park


Of course not everyone can afford the Disneyland Hotel prices, I know I can’t! But staying close to the park is a REALLY good idea, especially if you get tired and need to go rest. There is a slew of hotels on the street just outside the park, many with very good rates so just check for deals whenever you go. My personal favorite is the Best Western Plus Stovals since its right on the corner. This way we can just walk into the park every morning. If you can’t stay on the street nearby, many hotels in the area offer a shuttle to the park. Definitely worth it to save on parking and rental car.

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