Must Have Clothes for Traveling, Part 1

Full disclosure: I’m the worst about over packing when I travel. I’m worried that I’ll be away from my closet and the ONLY THING IN THE WORLD that I want to wear is the one top that I decided to leave at home. It happens, but I always survive…shocker right?

Well, I’m attempting to be better when it comes to packing and making smarter decisions about what I put in that suitcase! So I’m sharing my secrets with you today on some must have clothes for traveling. These pieces are versatile and will work whether you’re going somewhere hot or cold, or for a weekend or 3 weeks. Here we go…

Must Have Tops for Traveling


You’ve got to have at least one Nikibiki Seamless Camisole. I’d recommend maybe throwing in a couple in different colors because of their versatility. And they’ve got an added bonus because they’re so lightweight and small they’ll take up barely any room in that suitcase. These are important because you can wear them on their own or layered under other pieces for extra coverage or warmth depending on where you’re traveling. They’re great for exploring new cities, dining out, and lounging/sleeping in. The other reason I love the seamless wear from Nikibiki is because it doesn’t stretch out the way most tanks would so you can get multiple wears out of them (assuming a washer and dryer isn’t readily available).


Along the same lines of the cami above, this Nikibiki long sleeve scoopneck top is a must. It’s perfect for cooler destinations or for nighttime excursions like dining out on a patio or walking around a little city in Italy! Whatever your trip serves up, you’ll be happy you packed one of these. They come in so many colors you can customize it based on the rest of the items you’re bringing. They’re also lightweight enough that you won’t melt but stretchy enough that, if you’re somewhere cold enough, you can layer up with a camisole underneath.


This T-Party Tie Dye Swing Tank is great because it’s lightweight and versatile but is a piece that will add a little pizazz to any outfit. Pair it with simple basics like denim jeans, a black skirt, white shorts, use it as a bathing suit cover up…you’ll be so happy you brought it! Like the cami’s, it’s really lightweight so it will take up very little space in your luggage. The other great thing about this tank is that the tie dye pattern is great at disguising any stains (because they’re kind of inevitable when you’re traveling!) so you don’t have to worry about having a giant gelato stain on the front of you shirt in all your photos for that day!

Must Have Dresses & Jackets for Traveling


Similar to the tie dye tank, this black & white striped dress can be used in a lot of different ways. Wear it as a dress or bathing suit cover up at warm destinations. Throw it on over leggings or jeans and belt it for an adorable tunic top. Top a maxi dress with this dress & a structured jacked for a fun and unique way to add layers and stay warm while still looking cute! The slinky fabric will keep you comfortable in whatever adventures your travels takes you on!


Just like the other Nikibiki seamless pieces above, this smooth tank dress (in any color) provides so many outfits you’ll be amazed! Wear the dress on it’s own and throw on a light cardigan or shawl if a breeze hits. Throw a flowy skirt on top of it and the dress will masquerade as a tank top (and keep your backside covered if any wind decides to blow your skirt up!). Top the dress off with a slinky top, like the tie dye tank above or this Aztec Printed Long Sleeve Blouse. Or use it as a slip under any slightly sheer dresses to maintain modesty or keep yourself warm! And like the other Nikibiki Seamless pieces, it won’t get stretched out so you’ll have the right fit the whole time!


So this denim jacket will admittedly take up some space in your luggage but it’s totally worth it. You could always save the space and wear it while you drive or fly to your destination. This denim jacket is perfect for looking cute and keeping you warm when needed. It works well with everything…dresses, pants, skirts, rompers, etc. Your options are endless and you won’t regret bringing this item!

Later this week we’ll be sharing Part 2 of the Must Have Clothes for Traveling list!

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