5 Sleeper Cities To Visit In Nor Cal

5 sleeper cities to visit in nor cal

Greetings loves! Its the end of the week and I’m daydreaming about a weekend getaway. One of my favorite things to do is to explore little towns that you may not have heard of. I like walking off the beaten path a little sometimes. So today, I’m going to share some of my top sleeper cities that I would recommend if you’re visiting Nor Cal. You may have heard of some of them, you may not, but either way, these are cities that don’t really get the spotlight they deserve.

1) Sausalito

If you want to be on the water without that insane crowd of SF, then check out Saulsalito. There is money here. And for good reason. You can enjoy coffee on the water with stunning views of the Golden Gate bridge. Seriously. Its gorgeous. It reminds me of a quaint Italian fishing village. Walk along the water and explore fun shops and restaurants. Or head out to Muir woods or the beach.

2) Livermore


If you love wine, then this is definitely worth a visit. Everyone goes to Napa, EVERYONE. But hardly anyone knows about Livermore. Visit some amazing wineries without all the snooty-snootness and high price tags that Napa boasts. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Napa time. But Livermore is an excellent alternative. Plus there’s a great downtown and lots of outdoor activities. The Wente golf course is breathtaking.

3) Oakland

VCW_D_oakland_T9_20140729_Lake Merritt_07_1280x642

Oakland can be a little famous for the wrong reasons. Currently though, its the home of the Golden State Warriors (2015 Champions!) so it’s getting a little more attention than before. Considered SF’s baby sister, Oakland is a hustling bustling city for sure. And with that comes loads of culture and experiences. Jack London square has a killer Jazz bar/sushi restuarant. Lake Merritt is a beautiful walk. The food, music and theater scene here is excellent.

4) Benicia


Now I’ll admit, this is a total biased add. This is my hometown. Born and raised! Benicia is nestled on the tip of the Carquinez straight. Its a charming little sleepy town with loads of history and some fun things to check out. Main street has tons of quirky shops and delicious restaurants. Walk down the pier and watch the sunset. There isn’t a huge night life here, but there are a few great bars that cater to any taste.

5) Walnut Creek


Alright, one more biased addition…this is my current home, just across a bridge from Benicia, is Walnut Creek. Still a little sleepy but with a HUGE downtown shopping plaza. I consider this town basically just a giant outdoor mall. You’ll find all the big stores here from Apple to Nordstrom. A shoppers paradise! Also, so many¬†restaurants and bars it’ll make your head spin. I still haven’t even tried them all!

There you have it! Which city do you want to check out? Do you have a sleeper city in your area? Share with us!

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