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I sometimes find myself a little overwhelmed by my closet. So many options packed away so that I can’t see everything at glance to make a decision on what to wear. I usually settle for either wearing the same couple of outfits over and over, or tear my entire closet apart trying to find just the right combination. Well that’s not fun is it? No, it’s not! So I thought, there’s got to be a better way to organize my inventory of clothing and accessories so I can quickly see what I have at a glance. And wah-la! There is!

There are quite a few closet apps out there now, I tried a couple out, but honestly, I can’t keep my hands off the app simply called “Closet“. Like the simplicity of the name, the app is clean and minimal, a very modern design which makes my heart happy to use. No icky cluttered graphics or useless functions here! The app is designed to be fast, sleek and most importantly, useful! Here’s some of the awesome things this app can do for you.


Inventory Everything

Obviously this is the main function of the app, so you’ll have to do some leg work here by taking pictures of everything you own. This would also be a great time to get rid of any pieces that you no longer want. Trust me, after laboriously taking pictures of half your wardrobe, that one sweater you never wear is going to look a lot less appealing. Time to clear it out! Once you have it all in, you can set up categories for everything. Even put them in certain closets for say, spring, summer, winter, etc.

Calendar & Keep Track

This cool functions helps you keep track of what you’ve worn and when. This is helpful when you’re going out but can’t remember “did I wear this outfit last weekend?” or keeping track of how often you’re actually wearing something. If it hasn’t made it out of your closet all season long, it might be time for it to find a new home. You can also enter info like the price you paid for, to see how much value you’re getting out of the piece.

Travel Companion

This handy function lets you create a vacation list, so you can virtually pack for your upcoming trip right from the comfort of your couch! This will save me loads of time when I know already what exactly needs to be packed. You can also plan ahead on the calendar and save outfits for upcoming events.

Sort & Manage

You can also keep track of the style of pieces and what is where with tags. Tag your pieces with casual, dressy, sexy, etc. So you can easily sort through your pieces for a certain look. You can also keep track of what is dirty or needs dry cleaning, so you’re not disappointed when you run to the closet and find that perfect tee isn’t waiting for you.


So I’m off to start taking pictures of my entire closet! How about you? Do you use a closet inventory app? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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