Christmas Shopping Apps

December is here! Which means only 24 days until Christmas! If you haven’t started your shopping yet, I highly recommend getting started now. No one wants to be rushing around last minute to find that perfect gift. One way to help keep you organized and ready for shopping is to set up a Christmas Shopping list on your phone. There are tons of apps to help with this, but here are 2 that I love best. These apps are essential for helping me keep track of gift ideas, who I need to buy for, budget, etc.

Santa’s Bag


This was my first shopping list app and I loved it! Santa’s bag is cute and very detailed. Keep track of your list with groups to keep things organized. There’s tons of info you can enter for each gift, so you’ll know exactly what to get, where, and how much. Also track stocking stuffers and extra gifts. This app is great for a big family. Free.

Manage Christmas


This year, I’ve scaled down a bit so I wanted the same concept but with less “stuff” to sort through. Enter Manage Christmas. You can’t group the people as you can with Santa’s Bag, but you can color coordinate them which helps keep them sorted. Add basic detail for each gift like where, how much and update the status of ¬†“bought” “wrapped” or “sent”.¬†Free.

What apps do you use to keep track of your holiday shopping? Have you started your own wishlist with us at RepeatPossessions? Let us know in the comments below!


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