T-Party Embellished Blue Mineral Wash Tank Tunic Dress

T-Party Mineral Wash Tank Tunic Dress with Antique Print and Stones in Blue is a great way to hide those extra holiday pounds! This dress has a fun drape hemline that flows and allows for extra coverage. Paired up with our  
Repeat Possessions One Size Fits ALL!! Seamless line you will have lots of options to keep you looking stylish and comfortable.

Crop Leggings & Flats ( we love Gee WaWa ) keep it casual…

Long Smooth Leggings & Boots (we love Jim Barnier ) or  
      Heels (we love Rough Justice) Glam it up!

Gee WaWa Lucy Ballet Flats*Niki Biki Pin Sweater*Rough Justice Shoes*Jim Barnier Sunset Boots

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