Repeat Cami Color of the week: Deep Sea

Introducing Repeat Possessions Camisole Color of the Week!

25% off a savings of $5.50 So it’s really only $16.50.

Each week we will feature a different color Repeat Possessions Seamless Camisole. The best part? You’ll also get a coupon code for that color! Woohoo! This is a great way to start building your collection! Let’s get started!

This week was an easy one, HAD to go with Deep Sea, since its Shark Week and all!

Don’t worry, this little guy won’t bite! But he WILL compliment a nice pair of denim jeans!

This guy, however, WILL bite! and probably, definitely won’t compliment your denim jeans…

And probably all of them too…

But here are some YOU can bite!

From: A Dash of That!

So go out and celebrate Sharks this week in your new Deep Sea camisole!

Enter Code:“SharkWeek” and receive 25% off! Offer only lasts until next Wednesday, so don’t doggy paddle!

And just because this makes me laugh!

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