Repeat Cami Color of the week: Coral Orange

If you survived Shark Week CONGRATS! You made it to the next Repeat Possessions Camisole Color of the Week!

25% off a savings of $5.50 So it’s really only $16.50.

This week it’s all about orange, but not just ANY orange…CORAL orange!

This color has a special place in my heart. Being a ginger, I have a certain affinity for orange things. And I also happen to be a huge sucker for pink. So a color that is a little bit of both just has me drooling!

This color also has a knack for going with pretty much any other color perfectly. I love pairing it with grey for a very modern, sharp look!

J. Lo and Fergie look stunning in the color as well. I love that Fergie paired with a light blue peep toe and J. Lo chose a darker coral pump, perfect examples of how simple it is to add pop or subtle style!

And you don’t have to limit the color to just the wardrobe! Accessories or makeup in coral add girly pizzazz without going full Barbie!

Still want MORE coral?!? ME too! Let’s splash it all over the house too!

By now you might be saying, “Geez Kristy, if you love coral so much, why don’t you just marry it!”

To which I will reply, “MAYBE I WILL!”

Ahem…Enter Code:“SunsetOrange” to receive 25% off! Offer only lasts until next Wednesday!

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