Jeanologie XX/XY Boutique gets a Visit from Mom and Dad

“A Letter from Mom”

Available in MSU Colors

Yesterday my husband (John), my girl-friend Betty, and myself stopped in to see Jeanologie XX/YY just off the main drag on the campus at MSU. (Michigan State University) John and I met as students way back in 1956. What changes there have been!  What a plus it must be to have a store like Jeanologie so close to campus. Just a couple buildings away from the Catholic Church, we were greeted by a big plush pot of beautiful petunias in front of the store on M.A,C. as we stopped to look at  some cute shoes in her window display which was done so creatively.

Michelle, the owner, a very pretty young lady with brown hair and big brown eyes, greeted us with a hug,  big  and friendly smile. You see, we are parents of one of her suppliers, Repeat Possessions and Andrea, our daughter, is a graduate of Central Michigan University where Michelle also went.  There is a difference of years between them, but because friends of friends who have bought from Andrea, gave Michelle Repeat Possessions wholesale information, and voila…she has added a great seamless line into her store which we sere so excited to see in person as she is based in Southern California.

We loved everything in the store but judging from the math you can figure out what our advanced ages are. That didn’t stop us from buying some accessory items for ourselves or our fashionable friends. My super find was a the most colorful umbrella and a wallet that is a perfect match to my purse. Obviously we do not fit into the great jeans and high heels she has for sale, but the quality was incredible. Ahh…to be young again..

The shopping experience was simply colorful.  Beautiful pinks, eggplant, orange, reds, all swirling around us.

One Size Fits All

The Repeat Possessions line was displayed on the table about just above knee height.  Long sleeved tops were hanging high in the corner of the store and you eye was immediately drawn to the eggplant colored ones. Tube tops were nearly sold out with new stock arriving in time for back-to-school shoppers.

There are some fancy dresses in a very reasonable price range. Flip-flops on a stand alone rack in mid store. Beautiful leather handbags. Some jewelry, a purple watch, earrings. Few men’s shirts, socks and ties. Jeans neatly placed on a table in center of store. We liked hearing they carry socks for men as a “emergency purchase” for those who come to town for special occasions and well….forget their necessities.

I guess you can tell that I loved the store!  It really is an adorable boutique for both men & women and will do well offering their great items to the student, faculty and visiting tourists at the MSU and surrounding area. Please stop in to her store and be sure to tell Michelle that Connie sent you!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! It was a pleasure meeting the three of you! I could tell that you are a very supportive family and are soooo proud of Andrea!!! Come back soon 🙂 oxoxoxoxo ~ Michelle

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