A Day in the Life of a Gee WaWa Boot


GeeWaWa_fatales_leggingsSo, I keep shipping these Gee Wawa boots, called Fatale. They are dubbed “Lady Gaga” by us for obvious reasons. These sell out faster than our camisoles, which are our top selling product. What’s with these boots? What’s the attraction?gee wawa

Well, OhJamiee, our favorite fashion blogger from down under has ordered 3 pair. The Fatale, Fantashia lace up boot and the Fragile. One of which was a special order made with lots of leather. These were expressed shipped to Australia just in time for the RAFW. (Ck out HIS blog). That’s right, Jamiee is the guy who has taken our GWW’s and has put them in front of Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution! He sure has turned heads and now there are so many people following our twitter @RepeatPo to see what new styles are available. Thanks Jamiee!

Geewawa Fatale leggings sheer scarf tankOK….so back to, what are these all about? Why not try them on? Ya woulda thunk I would have done this long ago, but they were just a bit too funky for me personally. While having dinner with friends, I pulled them out and took a vote…yep…Lady Gaga, that’s for sure. Next, put them on just to see how heels/platform that high would be. AMAZING….I became 5” taller and stable. The comfort of these GWW shoes truly blew my mind. No wobbly ankle and well….they sure made this 50 year old butt look good if I may say so myself.

Now what? Take them out for a dry run in public. Girls night out was a fun one. I paired these with my scarf top, RP cami, RP leggings and Bonjour Belle 6 row cuff bracelet. Yes, I was way taller than my petite girlfriends, but ohhhhh….they were so much fun to wear. I kept them on for a couple hours after I came home and enjoyed walking around in them.

Another b-day celebration followed the next day where I had a repeat of the GWW boots. Then while volunteering for an SMA fund raising event on Cinco de Mayo, I wore them again with my T-party princess long sleeve top and RP black leggings. I was looking eye to eye at some of the fireman families that were in attendance! Next, Mothers Day came and I thought….why not? I Gee WaWa Fatales Grandmaslipped them on again with our HUE tights and a short dress. I towered over my tiny mother-in-law who did put them on just to see how a 85 year old can rock a fatale. She is so funny and would have worn them around but likes looking up, not down!

gee wawa fatale black dress leggingsAfter all is said and done, my review of these boots are….I LOVE THEM!  Not only were they so so comfortable, I also got a workout. People talk about the Sketcher Shape-ups…I say my new easy workout is my GWW’s. My derriere was slightly worked but in a great way. I totally believe they toned my loose behind. I will continue to wear these proudly even at 50. I am not the lamay woman with rhinestones and mumu’s, but I am enjoying the fashion that fits with my lifestyle. I didn’t overstep my style bounds like I thought they might have done…..what do you think?

I look forward to wearing them again very soon. In the meantime….there is another style that came out. It’s a shoe with an ankle strap….very similar to the boot, call Femme. It’s perfect for this summer. I just happen to have a size 8 available, which fits Geewawa_femmeperfectly. (BTW – These GWW’s run smaller so the 9-9.5 I normally wear won’t work.)  Maybe I will be sporting these on my next outing……hummmmm

As my momma always said……“Never judge a book by it’s cover.”
These are words to live by, especially in the fashion industry.

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