How To Wear A Tube Dress


NikiBiki has a great strapless tube dress. We currently have it 6 colors: Black, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Ivory, Stone, and White. This dress makes a great slip under another dress, because of the stretchy material, it kind of acts like spanx. We love that! But, we’re curious how else you can style this fabulous dress as part of your wardrobe. I did some digging and found there are some really cute ways to wear a tube dress that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Here are some ideas on how to wear a tube dress from the fashionistas of and

1) Under A Beach Cover Up – BUSYBEINGHAPPY


Love this way of turning a beach cover up into a top you can away with wearing anywhere! Not just on the beach! pair with some chic heels and jewelry and you have classy date outfit.

2) Under A Lace Dress – KIMBERELLIE


Lace is everywhere! But it can be challenging to wear when its sheer like the dress above.  I love how she paired a dark brown tube with brown tights to make the lace detail pop!

3) Under a loose tank top and vest – METRA


This look is edgy and cute! A loose tank and vest are perfect layers to pull together a chic rocker look on a hot day.

4) Under A Sheer Top

This look is almost too easy to believe! Take any sheer summer top you have and just throw it over your tube dress and pair with a fedora. Hello summer!

5) Under A Crochet Sweater

Another sheer lace or crochet top that can be hard to wear. It looks great thrown over a tube dress.

6) Under A Printed Tank Top

Need a sexy date night or party outfit? Take a printed loose tank top and toss over a black tube dress, add black heels and done!

7) Under A Loose Cardigan

Cozy and sporty with a flirty flare. That’s this look. Love it!

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