How To Wear Beaded Bra Straps

Beaded Bra Straps are a very handy accessory to have in your wardrobe. For those of us well-endowed ladies, going braless is just not an option. That can greatly hinder the type of tops you can wear. Luckily, with a pretty jeweled bra strap you can make even the most “loosey-goosey” top look great and glamorous!


Match a beaded bra strap to your favorite spaghetti strap top and you can have the extra support without exposing your bra straps or wearing those awful clear ones that are known for snapping! These bra straps look cute and still casual enough for every day wear.


Possibly the best way to wear beaded bra straps is with a strapless top. They attach to your strapless bra perfectly and give you the same support you need, all while transforming your look! My personal favorite is using them with a strapless dress. No more tugging and readjusting to make sure the “girls” haven’t slipped. You can just snap on a pair of beaded bra straps that compliment your dress and BAH! Instant strapped dress. Perfect for bridesmaids too!

We have many colors and styles of beaded bra straps to choose from, pick up a pair today!


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