Trend Alert! Denim On Denim : Chasing Chambray

Have you noticed the recent resurgence of denim on denim lately? No? Well get out from under that rock and get with it! The piece that every man, woman and child is going to need in their closet this fall is the Chambray shirt!

Chambray (pronounced \ˈsham-ˌbrā, -brē\) is just fancy french speak for light weight fabric with white and blue threads. Which mimics denim because denim is just a super heavy version of the same thing. Easy right? There, fashion lingo lesson complete!

Now the denim on denim look has been all over the runways:

All over the magazines:

And even all over the celebrities!

So what does it all mean? It means you need one and NOW! I have a dark blue one already and it is by far been the most used item in my closet. It’s my go-to for trendy, classy and casual. It’s the jack of all trades! But now I’m thinking I need a light blue one too!

My suggestion, is get both, that way you can work it into any look easily, especially if your pairing denim. The key is contrast when doing double denim. You can try to go for matchy-matchy like the models on the runway or mags, but in truth you might just end up looking like these two…


So to avoid that disaster, copy the celebs, go for contrasting denim colors or leave the jeans behind and break out tights, shorts, skirts, anything else you’ve been itching to wear. Just like jeans go with everything, so does the chambray top!

We scoured to find the perfect chambray top to bring to you and we are happy to say we found it! This one has just the right amount of weight to take on the job of top, jacket, layered piece, whatever you can come up with! And it comes in both dark and light denim.

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