Toezies vs Tabis: What is the difference?

toezies_vs_tabisWe love our yoga/pilates socks from Toezies. But some people are uncertain what the difference is between the standard toezies and 1/2 tabis. So here is a quick post explaining the difference!

The standard Toezies sock is just like a toe sock but with the ends cut off. Think finger-less gloves but for your feet! (no knife fights please).  It has 5 openings for each of your little piggies to wiggle through. These are great especially great for the popular 5 toe running shoes.



1/2 Tabis are the newest edition to the line. They are a modern twist on the  Japanese Tabi sock. Instead of openings for each toe, there are just 2. One for the big toe and another for all the rest. Kind of like a mitten for your feet!


There ya have it! It’s that simple! So choose which ever is most comfortable to you. We have many colors and prints in either style!





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