This Just In….Our Yoga Pants WIN!

We’ve been getting some GREAT feedback from you regarding our Yoga Pants! You ladies want your booties looking good, and as it turns out…we have just the right tool! Our Yoga collection has been hand picked for the best fitting, longest lasting, and best looking designs! And you guys agree!

Here are some of the reviews that made us blush! Don’t worry, we won’t let it get to our heads….much…

Muse, Missouri: I’ve ordered several pairs of the T-Party yoga pants. The design and unbeatable price were the initial attraction. The service and the fit [even during the craziest yoga poses] keep me coming back. Thank you!

Tami, Texas: Wore my gray washed yoga pants to pilates today, everyone loved them wanted to know where I got them. You should be getting several orders from Texas!!!!

T-Party Mineral Wash Yoga Pant

Marie, Arizona: RECEIVED my order today and I LOVE my new Yoga Pants.. I am an avid Bikram yoga participant so I am sure that I will have many inquires about my cute new Yoga pants and I can’t wait to order more.

Michelle, Minnesota: Hi there. I just wanted to tell you that people are going crazy over your T-Party yoga pants here in Minnesota! I think you should send me business cards so I can hand them out!!! I get stopped no matter where I am at, from the gym, to out shopping, even at my Dr apt! My friends think they look amazing and cannot wait to order some for themselves. I keep giving your website out and I rave about how awesome your items are on my Facebook and Twitter pages! They have to be some of the best pants for the absolute best price. I am so happy you just added a few new ones…I can’t wait to order more! Hopefully I am going a great job in advertising them for you!!! Thanks again!!

T-Party Yoga Pant Contrast Waistband

Jamie, California: I really liked the look of this wash on the website-BUT…these yoga pants are even better in person!! I love the mineral wash and REALLY like the stones – they also fit FANTASTIC !! PS…so did my mechanic! wore them to bring my car in and he told me how great I looked – I think these pants saved me some labor charges

Donna, Virginia: I am so happy that I found these yoga pants. I first bought them in NY. The fit, as well as the quality of the fabric is excellent. After purchasing and wearing the first one (I bought two) I got so many compliments. I was just happy to find the brand online. Thank you.

T-Party Yoga Pant | 15 Solid Colors

Anonymous: I have so much trouble with “muffin top” when i wear jeans and the I discovered T-Party yoga pants and I LOVE the mineral wash ones with pockets on them…I’ve been wearing these now instead of jeans and constantly get compliments on my cool-looking pants. They are sooo comfortable. and the service has been great!

Find your favorite today! – SHOP YOGA PANTS

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