Superbowl Stylin’: Patriots vs Giants

This one is for the football ladies! Superbowl is coming next weekend! And it’s time to get your outfit for the big day sorted out! We’ll give you a couple helpful hints on how to put something together that’s not only team approved, but also fashionable!

The key is “wearability”. You want pieces you’ll be able to wear long after the game is over. Whether you have a jersey or not, there is always a way to show your team spirit!

I have to admit, I was pretty bummed that my 49ers didn’t make it this year, but even MORE bummed that the 2 teams that made it happen to have the same color palette! How BORING!

Despite that, I did my homework and was determined to find workable outfits for each team that don’t look exactly the same!

The key here is the blue, THANK YOU BLUE! The NY Giants have a very bright, royal blue. While the New England Patriots have a deep navy. This is the only way to indicate WHO you’re rooting for with your outfit alone!

Another helpful color option is silver or grey. The New England Patriots seem to have more gray present in their logo and uniforms, so replace any white in your wardrobe, so give you a more “patriot-y” look.

Now onto to my suggestions…

For a casual sporty look, you can’t go wrong with Repeat Possessions Seamless Extra Long Camisole! And OF COURSE we have the exact colors you need to pull off the look…

For the NY Giants:

Red, White, Royal Blue camisoles, T-Party Yoga Pant in White

For the New England Patriots:

Metal Grey, Navy, Red camisoles, T-Party Yoga Pant in Light Grey

Now for those of you that might want something a bit more dressy, I’ve got you covered! Here are some great outfits that you can wear time and time again!

For the NY Giants:

RJ Girl Bashanti Boot in Red, Your favorite jersey, Niki Biki Faux Fur Vest with Belt in White, !iT Jeans Rising Starlet Skinnies in Plankton

For the New England Patriots:

Niki Biki Field Jacket in Black, Rough Justice Adrian Wedges, Your favorite jersey, 6 Row Crystal Cuff Bracelet, Repeat Possessions Tiered Skirt in Black

Good luck teams! Who are your rooting for? Share your superbowl style with us on facebook!

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