Suburgatory’s Dalia – Get Her Jeweled Bracelet

Suburgatory on ABC. Have you watched it? I’ve heard good things, so I thought I would catch an episode last night. It was pretty funny! I especially like the Dalia character. I’m sure everyone says that, but she is just so DRY, its hilarious. I also love her outfits. Sometimes over the top, but still fun. On this episode guess what I noticed? OUR BRACELET! I totally shouted at the screen. No one was home, don’t worry.




That is DEFINITELY our crystal jewel bracelet from Bonjour Belle! No doubt about it! I love the way she wore it over a black long sleeve. Very cute. Want one? Click fast! We don’t have many!

Let us know what you think of Suburgatory? We’ll be tuning in for sure. Will we spot more of our styles?

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