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Our shop has TONS of options when it comes to seamless tank tops & camisoles. It can be a bit overwhelming deciding which is best for you. If you’re like me, an camisole addict, you just buy them all. But if not, don’t fret! I’ve done the ground work for you. Let me give you my review of a few of my favorites to help you make your decision. If however, you still choose to buy all of them, I certainly won’t judge you! ;D


First up:

RP Signature Camisole

RP Signature Camisole – Click Here To Purchase

This is our most popular item, and with good reason. It’s the perfect camisole. I kid you not, I wear one every day. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. And the days I don’t, I wish I had. They layer perfectly under any top, especially with all the sheer tops these days. They come in so many colors it excites me. Like when you were 8 years old and your mom bought you the crayola big box and you were like “OMG I HAVE SO MANY COLORS, I WILL RULE THE WORLD!”


Yea. It’s just like that.

They are light and soft. Stretchy to the max. I wore these before, during, and after my pregnancy. They even helped hold my pants together when I wasn’t able to button them any longer! They are magic. They make me smile. And they will make you smile too.

Secondly is a lesser known camisole:

Double Fiber Rib Camisole


Not nearly as many colors as the last one, really only just the basics. But let me tell you why I love this one. THE CLEAVAGE! This ruching and sweat-heart neckline make this tank top a power player. I can’t wear this camisole without getting all sorts of extra attention from my beau, so be prepared to bat them off with a stick ladies.


Now for the fit. I will warn you, this isn’t as stretchy as the other tanks. Double fiber ribbing means the material is thicker and less giving. That being said, curvier women or those with large busts already (meaning you don’t have to fake it like me) might want to avoid this one as it may be a little too tight. However, this does benefit in that it holds you in quite nicely. I found this especially helpful after having my baby. I had the dreaded jiggle tummy. This tank is my go to for a nice tight fit to smooth out those lumps and stop my belly from wiggly around. It’s almost like built in spanx!

Last is my beloved:

Smooth Racer Back Tank Top


This is the same material as the basic camisole, so its light and very stretchy. What I love about this one is the thicker straps and racer back make this more of a “stand alone” top. I can wear this with just some jeans and sandals. Throw on some chunky jewelry and you’ve got a classic relaxed outfit that looks put together instead of “naked-y” that you might get with a spaghetti strap tank top. I also love the racer back because it hides the sports bra that I’ve currently been banished to since postpartum. Plus it just looks sexier in the back. Show off those shoulder blades! We currently offer the basic colors in this too, but if you want something similar you can try the basic smooth tank which has a wider range of color, same fit, but minus the racer back.

There is my take on these tanks & camisoles! Do you have a favorite? Let us know what you think!

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