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Strap Happy???

Whoever said peek-a-boo bra straps were tacky, obviously never shopped at

May 2009–Your hair is coiffed, your makeup is flawless, and your outfit is to die for…except for those hideous bra straps peeking through. C’mon, unless you’re part of the “hang loose” crowd, you’ve experienced this fashion faux pas with spaghetti straps, racer backs and tank tops too many times to count. And those clear plastic strips that you think no one can see? Get over yourself. They’re the worst of all.

With Designer Bra Straps available at, you can ditch unsightly straps forever. Just attach these handy conversation starters to a convertible or strapless bra and they will immediately bling out any outfit. (Never thought you could wear strapless tops or dresses? Think again.) From colorful glass beads to Swarovski crystals and pearls, you can dress up your wardrobe any way your taste takes you. Retail from $23-$120. (Bra not included)

To view the entire collection, visit: Designer Bra Straps home page.

For more information on Designer Bra Straps, check out Repeat Possessions or contact Owner: Andrea – or call 949.367.0051

How will you wear them?…..let us know. email:

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  1. I have some crystal beaded bra straps that are sooo pretty – I love to take them to Vegas, baby!

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