Rethink Breast Cancer’s Your Man Reminder iPhone app

Rethink Breast Cancer and the iphone app they created called Your Man Reminder. It features a hot stud of your choice to help remind you to check your breast on a regular basis. Watch the preview below for a hilarious intro to the app!

Rethink is a great group, and I really like they way they appeal to the younger to get them interested in their breast health!

Everyday we seek creative new ways to support young women with breast cancer, while boldly engaging young people with the cause. Our education, support and research programs are as cutting-edge as the minds behind them and as unique as the people we reach with them.

No project or campaign is too big, small or unorthodox for our team to take on as long as it fills a gap for young people concerned about or affected by breast cancer.

No fear-tactics required.

Check out Rethink Breast Cancer and share this fun app with a friend or loved one!

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