Repeat Possessions Works 4 Corners During Happy Hour

Repeat Possessions not only gives back, but we joined in on a Friday afternoon event called “Happy Hour”.  Happy Hour is made up of a group of Southern California local young adults who work a popular 4 way corner spreading happiness and peace. One of the members is our vary own Kimmy Jo Bridges, my daughter. You can easily find me in the video….I’m wearing the T-Party peace top with the !iT Jean shorts. I’m holding the “Hug a Mom” sign!

Spread the love.

After you have watched this video and wish to buy from us, Repeat Possessions, let us spread the love with our offer of FREE SHIPPING. Enter code “HappyHour

Ground shipping is free within the US. (Just enter code and let us do the rest). You may use the code more than once, but code cannot be combined with any other offers.

So, SMILE and feel free to join in or start your own chapter. For more information, contact

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