Giving Back And Helping Those In Need: The New Business Model

As published October 1, 2010 in Philosophy Aricles …
In a day and age where its beneficial to help one another many businesses have adopted policies that promote that philosophy. Smart business owners and those who operate and manage a business know that giving back to clients and the community is not only good for their businesses but it helps those in need, faithful clients, and sometimes helps fund important research. Such is the case with Repeat Possessions, an online vendor who sells high fashion, designer clothing. Repeat Possessions which operates out of Mission Viejo has become a popular online destination for those who appreciate designer clothing. Their popularity continues to grow and soar not only because they sell clothing from virtually ever designer but because they actively promote breast cancer awareness and donate a portion of their profits to the Susan G. Komen foundation to show their support for the cause. Though there are many online vendors who offer designer clothing many people come to Repeat Possessions to purchase their products so that they too can donate money to a worthy cause. Repeat Possessions who sells the extremely popular PrivacyWear line of clothing donates a healthy portion of the profits they make from sales of the line to breast cancer research. The company has placed tee’s and jeans under the PrivacyWear line on their “Pink Possessions” list in and effort to make it easy for shoppers to find clothing that will not only make them look great but help a good cause as well. The PrivacyWear line of clothing being already massively popular is enjoying an even greater popularity thanks to the donations Repeat Possessions with every purchase. The PrivacyWear line of clothing offered by Repeat Possessions not only looks great and is comfortable to wear but many of the tees available have a pink ribbon printed onto the front and sometimes the back of the shirt allowing the wearer to show their support for breast cancer research and the race for the cure. PrivacyWear jeans on the company’s “Pink Possessions” list are extremely comfortable as one might expect but are also jeans that can be worn in both causal and formal scenarios. This makes the PrivacyWear line a line of clothing that’s easy to shop and easy to buy. Many businesses have begun following the example set by Repeat Possessions and have put programs in place that give back to their clients and the community. Working together for mutual benefit and helping others has become more popular as of late in part due to the work of companies like Repeat Possessions. With more and more businesses adopting the trend and doing the right thing they not only help those in need but they place a hlinda007uman face onto their business which is something that has been sorely lacking for quite some time. This is a fact too that many consumers want to see and furthermore make the consumer comfortable with the company. More importantly it gives Joe and Jane shopper a chance to help someone else too.

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