Paris Hilton Loves Niki Biki. Less is More and More is Less


Graphic tees, Niki Biki leggings, Roberto Cavalli…. Paris Hilton has only one rule of thumb when it comes to style — less is less, more is more. The brightest of colours, the boldest of prints and the barest of silhouettes have made the 28-year-old hotel heiress so famous — even if it’s just for being famous.

Her favourite accessories are sky-high stilettos and sparkling diamonds. She has started her own line of hair extensions and lent her name to posh nightclubs around the world. In an entertainment industry increasingly led by fly-by-night reality show winners (and losers), Paris Hilton has to be the ultimate blue-blooded blueprint for success. No faking it here, this gal ain’t made for the simple life.

Paris Hilton has been spotted more than once in our jeggings. Seems like the celebirities have caught on. Mollee Gray has danced in them this season of   “So You Think You Can Dance”. US Weekly says the denim leggings are the hot item for 2010. Repeat Possessions has them in blue and black. We ship internationally too! Needing a Valentine’s Day gift or even a cute outfit? Let us set you up to look your best. Niki Bikis are seamless and are one-size-fits-all, so guessing a size is out of the question. It sure makes gift giving hassle free.

 Have your picked out your Valentine’s gift yet?

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