Paris Hilton knows a great trend when she sees it

Once again Niki Biki takes front and center in the celeb world with one of Hollywood’s best trend setters Paris Hilton! The sexy and original Niki Biki Denim Leggings have been in her wardrobe for months now and continue to be a favorite of the saucy heiress.

Perfect with a tank top or summer tee and high heels, sandals or sneakers, the denim Jeggings will be the ultimate summer leggings. Especially flexible since they’re available in either black denim or blue denim.

Customers who bought the Niki Biki Jeggings have said their flattering fit and quality construction make them more than worth the $33 and we and Paris agree!

For a complete spring to summer look, check out some of these awesome tees and shoes built to compliment the jeggings.

Similar to the shirt Paris is wearing in the latest Niki Biki Jegging sighting, Burnout tees are a win with the acid wash style of the jeggings. The Alternative Apparel Burnout Tunic comes in 5 colors and is thin and cool for sunny days. And these Jim Barnier Sneakers in camel or my favorite, leopard print, can make a jeggings outfit fun and youthful.

For a more sophisticated look like Paris’, try out some Jim Barnier Tickle Sandals in silver, brown or gold. Open toed, gladiator style and Barnier comfort, these are perfect for shopping in or meeting friends for lunch.

When less walking and more looking hot is in order, try out the jeggings with some heels or boots in a variety of colors to get that authentic Hilton swagger. Check out our boots & high heels!

Another washed out winner to compliment the jeggings is the T-Party True Love Slit Neck Tee. In fact the whole T-Party collection goes great with these Niki Biki Leggings with a variety of printed tees and dressy tops to match those high heel nights.

What else could you need to make the outfit complete? A Niki Biki Cardigan of course! These evenings are still chilly and cardigans are always cute. The Niki Biki Button Up Cardigan is the solution.

It’s easy and affordable to get that celebrity style and especially nice when a piece has so much diversity as the jeggings do. Think about this, she’s Paris Hilton and spent only $33 on leggings AND wears them all the time. Being a celebrity doesn’t have to mean all the nasty thing tabloids or gossip rags say. Some celebs ARE fashion smart and even fashion logical when it comes to styles that really hold their own on the street, in the home and in the club. Props!

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