Outfits for a Date-Night

Whether you’re single and on the verge of a new romance or have been happily married for years, it’s fun to dress up for a date-night. Here are some outfits from Repeat Possessions that we’d recommend for your night out with that special someone.

First on any list of possible options for a date-night…

1. The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress is often every woman’s go-to for an evening or night out! Here at Repeatpo Nikibiki offers a large selection of Little Black Dresses. As you can see here, the styles include the sultry One Shoulder Corsage Dress, which features dazzling rhinestones within the corsage, creating a subtle shine whenever it catches light. The layered skin tight material hugs your curves in a most flattering way and hides any unsightly lines. The Criss Cross Strapless Dress on the far right is another option to consider if you want to show of your figure in a more form-fitting design. And the crossing pattern also hides those annoying bumps and lines!

The Plunging Deep V-Neck Dress has enhanced stitching on the bodice, setting it apart from regular sheath dresses. The Beaded Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Dress, perfect for milder weather, also brings out your curves while showing off a little more skin.

You might have noticed the Sexy Shoulder Dress to the right in one of our previous posts celebrating the lovely Audrey Hepburn’s birthday! There’s nothing wrong with channeling someone so charming as Audrey Hepburn on your date-night!

Channeling Audrey

However…don’t limit your date-night outfits to black dresses! Sometimes a vibrant pop of color is what you want!

2. Fun, Flirty Colorful Dresses

Summer Vibrant Dresses

These vibrant dresses will make anyone stand out on her date-night. They’re perfect for an evening out, whether you and your date are eating on a restaurant terrace or going dancing. Nikibiki’s Criss Cross Strapless Dresses are not only found in classic black but also come in a brilliant red with the same curve-hugging, sexy style. Another form-fitting option to consider would be the Nikibiki Bandage Dress, which is also available in more subtle colors like purple and burgundy for those aiming to be a little less conspicuous on their night out!

If you don’t feel comfortable with the more skin-tight dresses, the new FG Necklace Halter Dress is a cute alternative. This gorgeous, rich tomato coral dress is lightweight and flows with you when you walk. The tie waist gives you a custom fit and the open slit back exposes just the right amount of skin. Dating Apparel’s Strapless Ruffle Dress is another great option with soft, flowing fabric! The ruffled fabric accents on the sweetheart neckline give the dress a very feminine look. It’s great for a casual summer garden party with your beau!

If you have a predilection for more feminine, flirty dresses, you might want to consider another classic!

3. Pretty in Pink and Pastel

Pretty in Pink and Pastel

Although pink received quite a bit of backlash during my youth, I’ve always been a fan. And Repeatpo has some cute options for anyone else hoping to capitalize on the perks of the girly color. The FG Paisley Dress is one of my favorite new items to hit the shelves at Repeatpo. It has lovely swatches of pink intertwined in an intricate and unique paisley design that includes other great pastel colors that go oh so well with pink!

The Blanc Noir Sheer Strapless High Low Dress keeps it simple with a bold, solid pink. The flowing material finds the best amount of balance with heels and wedges. Or you can hike it up a notch (literally) in LUSH’s Pretty Peach Sleeveless Dress. This cute dress hits above the knee and has a unique touch. There are two criss cross cutouts on the back around the shoulder blades that make sure you look pretty coming or going!

We’ve got so many cute dresses that I couldn’t help sharing, but dresses aren’t the only outfits appropriate for your next date-night!

4.  Summer Jumper!

Date-night Jumper Date-night Jumber Jessica Biel Date-night Jumper Beyonce

As you can see by looking at these three lovely ladies, a jumper or jumpsuit is a great alternative to a dress for a date-night. Our Etienne Marcel Jumpers give you a long, leggy look. Just pair them with heels and a few statement pieces and you will be ready for your night out! Here are some of the colors available at Repeat Possessions.

Date-night Etienne Marcel Jumper in Black Date-night Etienne Marcel Jumper in Blue Date-night Etienne Marcel Jumper in Grey

Last but not least, is an option we can’t ignore…

5. Skinny Jeans

You can’t deny that there’s nothing like a flattering pair of skinny jeans for your date-night! At Repeatpo we’ve got a great selection from different brands like Etienne Marcel Denim, !iT Jeans, and PRVCY Wear.

Etienne Marcel offers a great variety of traditional jeans as well as patterned jeans. And you can’t talk about Etienne Marcel Denim without mentioning the iconic Red Zipper! Throughout the brand, the Red Zipper has been included in some shape or form on most jeans! For more information, you can refer to an earlier post on the EM’s Red Zipper! Besides their classic Red Zippered Blue and Charcoal Jeans, EM has great leopard print and floral designs. Their lambskin leather jeans are also a hit!

Date-night EM Red Zipper Date-night EM leopard Date-night EM floral Date-night EM lambskin

!iT Jeans also have a stunning selection of skinny jeans that will wrap around your curves in style.

iT Jeans Date-night 1 iT Jeans Date-night 2 iT Jeans Date-night 3

PRVCY Wear is unique in that they give a generous portion of their sales to breast cancer awareness and research. So try on a pair of PRVCY Wear Jeans both to look great for your date-night and to support an important cause!

PRVCY Date-night skinny jeans in black PRVCY Date-night skinny jeans in blue

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