Rules To Follow For Office Appropriate Tank Tops

Summer is heating up, and that means less and less clothing. But when you’ve got an office job, you can’t exactly go to work in daisy dukes and flip flops. Finding office appropriate clothing for summer can be a little challenging, but if you keep some key rules in mind, you’ll be looking good and feeling cool!

Rule #1 Modesty

Make sure whatever top you choose would be something you’d wear in front of children. If its got cleavage, lace up sides, or or shows mid-rift consider saving it for your free time wardrobe. Or get creative by adding layers to hide any skin that might be too much. The two tops┬ábelow may be sheer, but with a nude camisole underneath, they become cute and classy for work.

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Rule #2 Collars add formality

A good collar can add a sophistication to any sleeveless top, making it a win for office attire. As long as Rule #1 is still followed, any top with a collared neckline should look fabulous in the workplace! Loving this floral collared blouse from Blu Pepper, available in 2 colors.

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Rule #3 Stick to Solids

Some patterns might be a little loud, depending on your office atmosphere, so when it doubt, opt for solid instead. It makes you look sleek and modern. We love this long black turtleneck sleeveless top paired with white pants. A classic look that means BUSINESS!

Luxe_LU40047_Turtle_Neck_Sleeveless_Tunic__39567.1433283895.500.750 Luxe_LU40047_Turtle_Neck_Sleeveless_Tunic_back__63424.1433283895.500.750

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