Nikibiki Seamless Apparel is essential for your closet

Nikibiki Seamless apparel is essential for your closet

From camisoles, shirts, racerbacks, dresses, skirts, leggings, jacket, to fur vests- Nikibiki Apparel has what your closet needs. Nikibiki Seamless apparel is great for any occasion: casual lunch, work, girl’s night, and holidays – pretty much for everyday wear. They make great gifts year round & the best part is that it is One-Size-Fits-Most – meaning you never have to worry about sizing again! Here is just a tiny bit of the selection that we have.

Most Popular: Nikibiki Signature Camisole

The most popular NikiBiki apparel is the Nikibiki Signature Camisole. This is SUCH an essential to every closet. There are over 60 colors (yes, I said 60 colors!) to choose from. These camisoles are one-size-fits-most, great for layering, & the material wears so well. Easy ways to add color to your outfit, especially work outfits, is to layer a colorful camisole under a shirt or cardigan. For all you tall ladies out there- we have EXTRA LONG Cami’s!

Sexiest: LBD (Little Black Dress)

LBD aka Little Black Dress– what can I say? Nikibiki Little black dresses are TIMELESS and every year calls for a great dress. We have colorful vibrant dresses, but the LBD is a classic.

Trendiest: Houndstooth Leggings

The Houndstooth print is making a comeback & Nikibiki interpretted the trend in a great way with the Nikibiki Houndstooth leggings. Houndstooth leggings are very chic, modern, and the pattern is so versatile. It’s up to you how you want to wear it.

Most Huggable: Nikibiki Cashmere Cardigan

This soft flowy Nikibiki Cashmere Cardigan is another must have for this winter.

Best & Brightest: Nikibiki Neon

I can’t even cover all my favorites in one blog!


*At Repeat Possessions, we pride ourselves as the preferred vendor for Niki Biki (we were even approved to add our private label to the Niki Biki Brand as we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.)*



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