Stunning Sweater: Mystree Cardigan


mystree cardigan

How gorgeous is this cardigan from Mystree?! I have to share this feature with you because I’m so in love with this sweater that it hurts! It features a vintage sheer knitting, so its light enough to wear even when its not winter. It has a nice heavy but super soft weight to it. It feels luxurious, that’s the best way to describe the material. But that’s not were my love for this cardigan stops! I adore that is has a nice zipper, so you can control how much coverage you want. AND IT HAS POCKETS! You guys…pockets. This sweater is the jacket of sweaters. And the studded design on the shoulders just add even more unique flare to this piece! This is a cardi you’ll find goes with everything in your closet. And don’t be surprised if your friends eye it with jealousy!

Treat yourself to this Mystree cardigan today, shop here!

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