Must-Have Workout Clothes

Workout Clothes

Time to get out those workout clothes! Can you believe it is already March?! Summer is JUST around the corner. Look vibrant and fashionable while you workout to get ready for summer! See our favorite picks.

Going on a run?

T-Party Neon Capris                   Nikibiki Neon Cami                           Nikibiki Sports Bra

Might as well look vibrant this spring – while you run! Neon capris, Neon top, and a black sportsbra make a great spring/summer running outfit!

Yoga Time! We have over 50 different T-Party yoga pants to choose from OMG!

             Heather Wide Band                     Stripe Knit Band                     Bamboo Dyed Yoga Pants           Embellished Feather Detail 

T-Party Signature Yoga Pants  in solid colors! Eggplant, Turqouise,  Olive, Burgandy (probably tops my favorite workout clothes!)

Kewikases are ONLY $5.00! Pack your ID and credit card in this cute Kewikase (leave the bulky purse at home!)

Pilates? Barre Classes? Use these fun colored Toezies to keep grip!

Be sure to add Toezies to your workout clothes collection – non skid pilates socks so you can grip the pilates equipment for the ultimate workout. Toe socks can be worn with sandals as they can be put on and taken off easily before your class.


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