Looks We Love: Stripes and Spots

At one point or another we all love to don stripes and spots! And although stripes and spots seem like they clash, there are many chic ways to wear the two patterns together! Since they are more or less loud patterns, it’s wise to pair the dangerous duo with caution so as not to create unwanted dizzying effects! We aim to dazzle not to daze and confuse!

Learn from your local and international fashionistas how to best pair stripes and spots and make head turns for your fashion-forward style.

1. Wear to Work

This look is so simple but so cute! And it is totally work appropriate. I love how she pairs thin and widely-spaced stripes and spots that have a little more going on. Creating a perfectly balanced ensemble. And coupling the stripes and spots with a hint of a beautiful, vibrant red in between the two patterns was a great decision. Not to mention the wine-colored platform heels!

2. Wear to Play

Here instead of having a dense pattern of spots and a more open pattern of stripes, we see that the opposite effect is equally charming! The big round spots paired with the thin but close-set stripes also creates the right amount of balance between stripes and spots. And as you can see, red wedges add just the right pop of color to the otherwise monochrome look!

3. Wear to Brunch

This outfit is sweet but not too sweet! The loose fitting sweater is perfect for a morning of feasting. The bold, wide horizontal black and white stripes stand out without adding any extra pounds up top! The small navy and white polka dot spots of the dress beneath the knit-sweater complement the stripes well. And you might have noticed that wide-brimmed hats are currently trending.

4. Wear to Roam

I’m really loving the polka dot loose-fitting trousers and striped tank top. I’d say that the density of the stripes and spots are fairly evenly matched for this outfit. And this flowing combination is great for a roam be it at the beach or the park. This outfit looks great with heels,  but I can see it coupled with wedges or sandals or even booties with a sweater or blazer!

5. Wear to Casual Party

Spots aren’t limited to polka dots! Try pairing leopard print spots with stripes like in this fabulous outfit! You can pair it with wide stripes like this fashionista. Or you can try for some thinner stripes if you’ve got bolder leopard spots. It’s all about finding the right balance to keep you from a fashion faux pas!

6. Wear on a Day Frolicking with Friends

I love this little outfit! It is adorable! I would wear it in a heartbeat! This one also incorporates stripes and spots with a similar dynamic – big bold black spots and wide bold black stripes. The sleeveless jean vest and converse suit the sleeveless blouse and form-fitting jersey skirt too!

7. Wear to the Club

We’ve seen mostly horizontal stripes so far but this sexy number brings in some vertical stripes. I’m a big fan of the spots in this one as well, since they are not quite leopard print but still reminiscent of the animal print we all know and love. The sultry top and form-fitting body-con skirt are perfect for a night out.

8. Wear on a Night Out

This one incorporates the vertical stripe with more subtlety! Those tights are smoking! And like the top above, the dress makes use of that not-quite-leopard print that still suggests the same amount of fierce!

9. Wear from Day to Night

This trendy getup sporting stripes and spots strikes me as one that is easy to transition from day to night. The playful spotted skirt is short but not too short while the vertical, asymmetrical stripes add a bit of edge and versatility to the look. The long sleeves make it work appropriate but the general vibe of the outfit translates well for dinner and drinks after a day hard at work!

10. Wear to Tea

This is just so cute. The right amount of balance and charm results from this pairing of a long-sleeve polka dot blouse with a full midi striped skirt! And a little bit of rouge goes a long way.

11. Wear to Transition from Fall to Winter

We all know that the perfect weather of fall will come to an end sooner than we hope. But don’t fear the cold because you can always bundle up in a fabulous spotted coat! Just check out some of the leopard print coats that have been trending this season! Wear it with a striped knit sweater and some leather pants and you’ll be set for the cold weather!

If you’ve been inspired to add a few more stripes and spots to your wardrobe, check out Repeatpo’s collection! Here are just some favorites from Nikibiki and T-Party Apparel.

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