I want to go Glamping!

Labor Day weekend is finally here! This is my favorite time of year because it is the one BIG camping trip (usually the ONLY camping trip) we do all year. We plan, save, and count the days til we’re under the stars up in the mountains.

Every year we go to Shaver Lake, up in the Fresno area of California. It’s got it all I think, woodsy camp ground, sandy beaches, and a nice lake.

I’m so excited! We leave tomorrow afternoon. It will also be our puppy’s first trip, so I hope she does well!

Planning and packing all our stuff reminds me of a trend I saw a while back that seems to have grown quite bit nowadays. It’s called “glamping”, which basically means glamorous camping. It’s all the rage in the UK. It seems sites have extravagant tents set up with all the comforts of home while still remaining as close to “tent camping” as possible. Think somewhere between tent and cabin.

These are pretty toned down examples, they get even more ellaborate and fixed the higher you go. But it seems everyone is loving it. Cheap and comforatable vacations, these days, are a sure hit. What do you think of glamping? Too much?

Personally I think its a cool concept. I would like to next year, bring some elements in if I can to make the trip more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, one of the things I love about camping is being a mess and it being ok, but some cozy tent space would be a plus!

However, this year all I’m really looking forward to are these:

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