How To Get Kate Beckinsale’s Elegant High Ponytail

Kate Beckinsale is like a ponytail master. Every time I see her in one of those flawless elegant high ponytails, a little part of me wishes I would have been born a boy just so I wouldn’t have to compete with THAT!

I just googled it for this blog and LOOK! She OWNS!

So, after shedding many, many tears, I decided to learn how she does it! You will be just as surprised as me to learn that it is NOT sorcery…although I’m still not sold on that…

Here are the steps!

Step One: Become Kate Beckinsale. If that fails, then just skip to step two.

Step Two: Give your hair some loose waves however you find easiest, I usually just braid my hair the night before or something similar.

Step Three: Mist your hair with a light hairspray and tease the crown of your head to add height.

Step Four: Pull all your hair back into a high ponytail.

Step Five: Here is the trick I learned…So you don’t loose height, don’t start banding just yet, instead pull your hand back away from your head about an inch or 2 more, THEN band and flip the ponytail up over your hear, split the hair into 2 sections and THEN pull tight!

Don’t ask me to explain why or how this works, maybe this IS the sorcery part, but however it works, it keeps the volume and height at the crown just so!

Step Six: Go out and possibly be mistaken for Kate Beckinsale!

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