Have You Met Our Katie?

Stuff happens, right? Well have you heard about our Katie?

We were ready to shoot our Fall/Winter 2011 Look book with 3 models when at the very last minute, one girl is a “NO SHOW”…I know, image that. So, what does one do? Get upset? No..what good would that do? So we went to plan B….call on my daughter’s high school friends, first one we could get to have their mom dismiss them from the last 20 minutes of class, gets the job.

Thus Katie…..Capistrano Valley High School track and soccer star. She was on the soccer field at the time when the call came in…”Katie, Katie….can you be our model?” “Yes, when?” she replies…”NOW…can your mom call you out of school? We’ll pick you up in 10 minutes.”   And so it began….with her hair in a pony tail, shorts, t-shirt, we picked her up and got her to the photo shoot 10 minutes later. She changed in the car and this is what she looked like…..yes, all natural with minimal and I mean minimal make up. Can you believe the hair? Sweat never looked so good.

We love you Katie and you saved our photo shoot. Repeat Fall 2011 Lookbook

On Katie’s off time she likes to play on my computer. She’s all girl and we wish her the best on her college scholarship endeavors to New Mexico where she will be attending in the fall 2012

I’d also like to thank our wonderful photographer, Arina….she captured Katie’s true beauty with such ease and grace. A model is born.     Arina B Photography    http://www.arinabphotography.com/



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