HairTo: Heidi Braid Tutorial

Guess what everyone, I’m STILL obsessed with braids! I am attempting to master as many sweet braid dos as I can before summer hits! Today’s braid : Heidi Braid or Milk Braid.

Celeb ladies seem to love this look. My guess is because it is so versatile. Easily works for red carpet or everyday. Check out Sienna Miller, Mary Kate Olsen, Nikki Hilton, Elle Fanning, and Zoe Saldana all rocking the Heidi Braid.

Here is a great video with tips to get the perfect braids:

Drum roll please…..

Here is my first attempt! Tell me what you think, am I safe to venture out in public or am I just milkin’ it? (Ha couldn’t resist!)

Note: I’m sportin’ the Repeat Possessions camisole in Cobalt Blue

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