Hair Crush: Zoe Saldana’s Headband

I’m totally crushing Zoe Saldana. I love this sophisticated hairstyle she was seen sporting while promoting Star Trek Into Darkness. This beautiful updo has a vintage appeal with the added jewel headband from Jennifer Behr.




Zoe is wearing a Jennifer Behr Delicate Vine Circlet that goes for a pretty penny at $498, but you can get the same look with this headband from Deepa Gurnani for just $62! This would be a great look for a classy wedding or formal event.

deepa gurnani headband

To get this look at home, create a deep side part and tuck the hair on the shorter side behind the ear and secure with pins. Then, loosely roll the remaining hair away from the hairline, tucking the ends in as you move around the head. Secure the roll with bobby pins as you go. Spray with a hair spray on your fingers and comb to help get the grip you need to keep hair from slipping (dry shampoo works well, too). Finally, add a flower, brooch, or headband to the style to steal Zoe’s look — and red lipstick, of course.

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