Get your head up in the clouds!

This week (Aug. 15 – Aug. 21) is National Aviation Week! A little obscure I know but I love it! 2 years ago I went to Pensacola, FL with the boyfriend to visit his sister, we spent a day at the National Naval Aviation Museum . Sounds like a hoot right? It WAS!

Here I am stoked out of my mind to be in a cockpit!

I’m also jealous that boyfriend got to visit the Boeing facility in Seattle last year without me =(

He got to learn nifty facts like the production line for a Boeing 737 continuously moves at a rate of 2 inches per minute! By the time it reaches the end of the 7 mile hanger, it is completed! How cool is THAT!?

I encourage you all this week to LOOK UP! and learn a little about aviation =)

Have any fun facts of your own? Please share with us!

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