Friday Favorites: California LOVE

Hilo! Diana here ~ Since college, I’ve been studying and traveling throughout Asia, but California will always be my home…and I’m always in favor of some California LOVE!

Being the California Girl that I am, I’m in love with the new Bama + Ry Custom California Necklace that has just arrived at Repeat Possessions! Not only does the iconic state shape come in a smooth, shiny copper color with a rustic chain, you can also customize the location of the little heart engraving! So where does your heart lie? Tony Bennett may have left his in San Francisco, but mine’s in Los Angeles.

Bama+Ry California LOVE Necklace

So naturally I also got curious about all the other advocates of California LOVE! Here are some of my personal favorites!

Poppy and Pine Cone California Love custom-made prints echo the simple and lovely qualities of the California necklaces. It’s perfect for spicing up a plain and empty wall or mingling with other prints and photos!

California LOVE Print from Etsy

Not sure where to find these hats, but they’re super cute too! Who can forget our lovable state bear?

California LOVE State Bear Hats

And of course, we can’t ignore our renowned title as The Golden State. Here is a charming DIY Eco Felt Pillow in honor of sun-kissed California.

California LOVE Stay Golden Handmade Pillow

And lastly, although the iconic Pop Art image of LOVE by Robert Indiana has been reproduced in many ways, this is definitely one of my favorites ~ California LOVE.

California LOVE

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