FINALLY! Easter Bonnets the Kids Will Wear SpiritHoods!!


Get the kids what they want…

SpiritHoods are the latest greatest craze!! Join the Tribe!

Spirithoods_kids_LeopardFind some Fun Faux Fur to match your style & personality…

The Leopard is very smart and a great communicator. People with this spirit are happy in many different social situations, but also appreciate being alone. The Leopard is very adaptable to a range of habitats, and loves to stay up late and sleep during the day.

Intelligent – Free Spirited – Leader

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The Husky spirit is always brave and stays strong through tough situations in order to help guide others. This animal spirit works well with others, is very athletic, and has great endurance. When Spirithoods_Kids_HuskyHuskies set their minds to something, they always complete their task. Their family bonds are strong, and they are very loyal to their pack.

Brave – Athletic – Adventurous

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Spirithoods_kids_WolfThe Wolf spirit are very devoted and loyal. They are social animals, often traveling in a pack, and work well in groups. Wolves are also great teachers, always sharing their knowledge and wisdom with their tribes.

Loyal – Social – Teacher

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The Brown Bear spirit represents bravery and strength. People with this spirit tend be curious and playful creatures. Although very affectionate, Brown Bears always protect their families and friends.

Brave – Curious – Gentle

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The Snow Leopard tends to be a solitary creature and enjoys being alone, but is always attentive and aware of it’s surroundings. Those with the snow leopard spirit tend to be sensitive and wise, but also playful and full of surprises.

Silent – Mindful – Independent

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SpiritHoods are more than just a wild fashion accessory. About the brand:

SpiritHoods connect kids in a unique and creative way to nature and our animal friends. SpiritHoods are about friendship, family, love, generosity, and bonding with nature. A SpiritHood is more than just a cool furry animal hat, it inspires children to bond in a completely new way to the world around them.

We believe in the conservation and protection of both the planet and it’s animals, and feel strongly about educating kids about the environment, and empowering them with the ability to make a difference. To help give back we’ve partnered with, and are actively donating a portion of our proceeds to, several non-profit organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation. We call this Product Blue.

A SpiritHood feels cuddly and soft, but is built to withstand the “tough love” that kids give their favorite things. It is our goal that each SpiritHood grows with your child and lasts a lifetime. Our hoods are handmade with the best quality faux fur. We would never harm our furry friends.  All SpiritHoods are manufactured in the USA.


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