Creative Grooming or Creative Torture?

So um…Somehow I stumbled on this gem (while NOT googling how to dye your dog’s hair)

Yes kids, the newest designer breed for the young crowd is finally here…the Leonardoodle!

Which came first? The chicken or the poodle?

I think I hear Sarah Mclachlan singing in the background…

Wow…that’s actually REALLY good…

I know what you’re thinking, well this lady MUST be doing time by now, I’m sure the folks at Animal Cops and/or What Not To Wear have found her and locked her away forever…but you’re WRONG!

This woman is still out there, cackling away as she sculpts her unsuspecting poodle into some new horrid scene…I can only imagine what torture she’s planning for him next! (I say with disgust as I bookmark her website….)

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