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Need a college care package sent to your kids who just went off to college?

I have quietly awaited to hear from my son, Tommy since we sent him off last Tuesday. I know he will do well because his choice to live at home would not be as fun as if he were away at college. So, I eagerly sit here hoping he will send me his mailing address that I can pass on to friends and family who can surprise him with an old fashioned snail mail note or maybe even a care package.

Finally, he texted me! I now have his address. (I had it from move in day, but wanted to have him reach out to me) It’s time to drop off a note, maybe a Starbucks gift card, $10. just for “crazy” money, or maybe a care package. What’s the best, most wanted gift box for a new student? Well, seems like there are several and many are offered thru Amazon which include quick and free shipping. Here are some ideas of the types of care packages that are pre made and ready to ship:

Click here for a direct link to all the different college care packages available. There are a lot!!

Health Freak Care Package

Healthy care package
Care package for the college student with health in mind.














Exam Time

Exam Care Package
For a little help with studying during the exams.












Got the Munchies?

Munchie care package
Just a little something to fill the cravings.










Now, it’s time to let him settle in then I can ship him a little love. Maybe he will reflect on what he misses at home and appreciate all the little things we do. I love doing these little things. Giving is as much fun as receiving, don’t you think? If you have put together a care package, what have you included? We’d love to know.

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