New Year, New Closet – Caring for your Camisole


New Year, New Closet – Caring for your Camisole

I can’t help myself…I have a hard time cleaning my closet. You see, I am the owner/buyer for Repeat Possessions and get to keep (purchase) some of my favorite items, which means my closet is stuffed full.

I buy these fashion finds about 1–2 seasons before their time at the MAGIC/Project show held bi-annually in Las Vegas. Right about the time I’m ready to send my personal items on to friends or the Goodwill, they are at their height of the season.


It all began with the little black camisole. Oh wait, I need the ivory one too. Well, it would be nice to have the dark brown, taupe, pink and red one for Valentines Day. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner so maybe a Kelly green one would be nice. Great…I love how the colors look on me….maybe I’ll try to pull off the neon. Nice for a little peek-a-boo without being too BAM in your face, but why not? I am now on to the bright oranges and turquoise blues. I can change up every outfit with a simple lightweight camisole or bandeau. I take these on trips and put 4 in a Glad gallon zip lock bag. This can switch up any outfit easily. Since Repeat Possessions had such success with the simple signature camisole, we added some of the snake, leopard and zebra printed patterns. All have a time and place to be worn.


Little did I know my closet was filling up faster than I expected. I was running out of place for my new colored camisoles and found them getting tangled on hangers. I thought to myself there is a better way. Why the light went on so late, I don’t know, but I should have known better. Here is what I learned about caring for our camisoles and tank tops.


• Wash bright color camisoles separately in cold water after the first time being worn. There are lots of dyes to make it that stunning. After that, you are pretty safe to wash with other “like” colors.

• Hand washing is recommended, but I find putting them in a garment bag and washing delicate in cold water is sufficient.

• Dry flat. Hanging on hangers has a tendency to gradually pull on the straps.

• Store flat. I fold them in half and stack them. It’s easy to see the colors. I even get a little OCD and arrange them like a rainbow, but don’t expect others to do this, but I find it fun when I have “free laundry time”.


• Stay away from hangers unless you like to hang them on the base of the hanger like pants.

• Keep out of the dryer if you can help it. The heat will break down the fabric and cause some static and loose some of its great softness it is known for.

• I recommend no fabric sheets or fabric softeners. It is already soft enough.

• Be careful with purse straps and seat belts. They have ruff edges and can cause snag when rubbed on the tops. Just these little things can leave a mark dead center on your top.

• As always……Stay away from Velcro and mad cats!

Little Cami Tips:

• Smooths bra fat
• Makes you look 5 lbs thinner
• Hides unsightly butt cracks
• Helps to cover cleavage
• Can be pulled down to accent cleavage
• Absorbs perspiration without showing wet marks
• Keeps you a little warmer in the cold climate
• Wine or any other elements are wiped off easily before a stain can set
• Brightens up any outfit
• Travels easily, doesn’t wrinkle
• Fits many body sizes from women young and old
• One size fits most camisole makes for a perfect gift
• Can be worn before, during and after having a baby
• Wears well during workouts as it does not roll up
• Dieters love our camisole, as they do not need to buy a new wardrobe. These will re-size with you.

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