2013 CMAs Carrie Underwood – Beaded Headband

As I was being dragged out of the house on Tuesday, I got a glimpse of Carrie Underwood’s opening performance on the 2013 Country Music Awards. She covered “Paradise City” with fierce abandon! Loved it! I was also a HUGE fan of her outfit. Specifically the beaded headband she was sporting that looked oh so familiar! Looks just like our Deepa Gurnani beaded headband! I love the way she paired it with a fringe top and studded combat boots for a look that is totally country rock!

Pretty darn close I’d say!

Beautiful and unique Deepa Gurnani beaded headband.

Also loving the American flag shorts in monotone, patriotic without being too flashy!

The headband looks gorgeous nestled in her golden flowing waves. Ok maybe I have a little crush on her, SO WHAT!?

Country rocker at its finest! Gimme this outfit please!

And while we’re making demands, gimme her legs too please and thank you!

What do you think of her cover of “Paradise City”?

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