Beauty Trend: Thick, Sexy Brows Are In!

According to Glamour, this year, thick eyebrows are in! Well back in…Audrey Hepburn is best known for her striking brows back in the day. Since then, us ladies have been forced to pluck, pry and pull to make our eyebrows microscopic! Well no more! It’s time to sport those thick caterpillar brows ladies! That’s great news!

Here are some tips from Glamour on how to get your brows back on the right track!

1. Pick A Shape
“Look at pictures of yourself when you were 10 or 11,” says Jo-Ann Lynn, who sculpts brows at New York City’s Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger. “That thicker, more natural shape, which looks straighter, is what’s popular

2. Stop Waxing
During the grow-out phase, tweeze at home –sparingly. “When you go for a brow shaping, you end up with these skinny arches,” explains Lynn. Follow the guide below.

3. Fake It For Now
Brush brow gel up and outward, and/or fill the entire arch in with pencil (taupe works for most) to create what Lynn calls a “shadow of a color,” as opposed to drawing in individual hairs.

Check out these gorgeous ladies embracing their full brows!

What do you think? Will you let your brow grow wild?

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