Man’s best friend: A dog, a walk and a puddle

Dog walk near a puddle

Having 4 kids myself, I found myself just letting the kids be kids. Sometimes they need to explore on their own or with man’s best friend. Maybe even a furry friend. A Labrador makes for a perfect walking companion. I love this video which is so sweetly done. I admire the person who let the child run over the puddle again and again. Kudos to raising a well behaved best friend too.

Enjoy this video like we did.

This made me think of daughter who just sent me a picture of her in her Dav rainboots that we gave her this Christmas. She recently moved to Eugene Oregon from sunny Southern California. JJ made a point to hit every puddle in her path and even some out of her way….because she could.

dav rainboots
JJ in her dav rainboots

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