5 Valentines Day Heart Hairdos

Heart Hairdo - heart bun

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether or not you have made any plans, it’s fun to get into the spirit of things with Valentines Day Heart Hairdos! At the end of the day, even if Valentine’s Day is a commercial conspiracy plotted by the chocolate and candy factories and flower shops across the nation, love is always worth celebrating in some way, shape, or form. So, even if you prefer to celebrate your Valentine’s Day in simple terms, why not embrace the goofy, stuffed-teddy bear-and-red-rose sentiment with a fun Valentines Day heart hairdo?

First on the list – a lovely rendition on a classic – the heart-shape bun. Not only is this easy to recreate, but it is also subtle – the kind of hairdo that gently catches someone’s eye.

Heart Hairdo - heart bun

I also really like how this particular model has beautiful, colorful locks! Experimentation with color has become a favorite trend here at Repeatpo! Featherheads temporary hair chalk makes it easy to experiment with hair dye without actually having to dye your hair.

Heart Hairdo - hair chalk Heart Hairdo - hair chalk 2

For a full tutorial on the heart bun, check out this video!

These next two styles featured in our Valentine’s Day edition of Friday Favorites and are worth consideration for your Valentines Day Heart Hairdo! These two styles include the same basic idea with one involving twisting the hair and the other involving braiding. You may need a good mirror or a good friend to get it exactly right. Once you’ve got the heart hairdo firmly in place, you’ll be turning heads!

Heart Hairdos - Twisted Heart Bun Heart Hairdos - Braided Heart Bun

This next one is a rendition on the braided heart hairdo featured above. While the hairstyle above is elegant and neat, this heart hairdo has a more playful side – a braided heart resting on a head of layered waves. Though equally cute, I imagine this one may be easier to tackle on your own since you can use your peripheral vision!

Heart Hairdos - Side Heart

For anyone with slightly more skill than the rest of us, these next two styles also make for great heart hairdos! But I for one would definitely need some help to create the look! If you’re great with French or Dutch braids (or have a friend who is great with French or Dutch braids), try these styles out for Valentine’s Day! With this heart hairdo, you can either keep the ends lose (left) or braid the ends together for a braided heart-shape ponytail (right).

Heart Hairdos - French braid Heart Hairdos - French Braid Pony

This last one may be advertised for younger girls, but I think that it is perfectly acceptable for a grown woman to don this heart hairdo as well. It’s simple and clean. And all you need is a bunch of small hair ties and a good eye to craft the chain of hearts. I’d only rethink the giant bow at the top though! Perhaps a small sheer scarf tied into a bow would be a little more fitting!

Heart hairdos - chain of hearts

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