5 Easy Pin Up Hair Styles!

I’ve been in a pin up mood lately! I think because fall makes me want to do more with my hair other than just putting in a bun! Here are some of the easiest pin up inspired hairstyles I could find on the web! So easy even a chimp could do them!

If you have a chimp, train them to do your hair, it will make your life a lot easier!

1. Half Up / Half down Pin Up Style:

She’s adorable, funny, and little talky but you will LOVE this hair style, its super easy to do to and looks great! Not too retro, so you could get away with this pretty much anymore!

BONUS: Notice her cute hair feathers?

2. Swept up Pin Up Style:

This funky chic look is perfect for day old hair, get it out of your face but still look “done”.

Pair it with this blue cardigan for the perfect weekend style!

3. Pin Up Pomp:

Hers came out a little pointy as she says in the video, but with a little practice you can have this mastered in no time at all!

Try it with a bandana…they are iconic with the pomp pin up hairstyle!

4. Pin Up Style for Long Hair:

Right to the point, will take some time curling for long hair, but once that’s done its just a few victory rolls and you’re on your way!

Pair perfectly with this seamless 3/4 sleeve dress and bold accessories.

5. Faux Victory Rolls Style:

If you’ve mastered the above looks are want something a little more complicated, give this one a try! Its challenging but still easy enough if you get the basics down. Good luck vintage girls!

Go pin up meets rockabilly by pairing these faux victory rolls with these high waisted denim cutoffs.

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