30 Before 30 Bucket List

30BEFORE30My good friend Ashley from Sparkles and Lasers. Shared her own bucket list for 30 things to do before she turns 30 in July. I loved her list and thought she had some great ideas of ways to challenge and explore before hitting the big 3-o milestone. My 30th is also fast approaching (a little faster than I’d like). So I thought it would be a great idea to come up with my own list. I’ve already been on a mission to do more with my life. That was my New Years resolution, although I hate calling it that. My mission this year goes hand in hand with a 30 before 30 bucket list. So I thought I’d write down what my goals were and will be.

  1. Pursue my passion of creating nerdy invites on Etsy
  2. Travel more
  3. Dye my hair a crazy color
  4. Get another tattoo
  5. Volunteer somewhere
  6. Learn watercolor
  7. Visit Disneyland as many times as possible
  8. Say no less
  9. Try 5 new restaurants
  10. Learn to cook something extravagant
  11. Write & Sketch more
  12. Build my portfolio
  13. Pay it forward
  14. Write 5 hand written letters to people I love
  15. Finish decorating at least one room in the house
  16. Learn a new skill
  17. Visit a new city
  18. Go to at least one game for each sport (baseball, hockey, basketball, football)
  19. Practice yoga at least once a week
  20. Illustrate a book for Oliver
  21. Finish reading a book series
  22. Join a club
  23. Go to a con or ren faire
  24. Teach Zelda 3 new tricks
  25. Spend more time with playgroups
  26. Finish my garden
  27. Do art for charity
  28. Compliment someone out of the blue
  29. Write a letter to Oliver for when he turns 18
  30. Go camping more

What do you think of my list? What would you add to yours?

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