10 Ways To Wear A Dark Chambray Shirt



Most of the time I find myself reaching for my chambray shirts. It has become a staple in my closet. But usually, its the lighter denim one that gets all the love! This month, I’m going to try to make better use of the chambray shirt.

1) Chambray Shirt + Bright Denim

Take this spring’s hottest pastels and bright colored jeans. Add the dark chambray shirt and you have a modern look that’s perfectly balanced!

2) Chambray Shirt Over A Dress

Forget the cardigan or shawl! A trendier way to keep warm in a summer dress is by layering a chambray shirt over the top! Adds a masculine twist to the classic print dress that’s fun and casual.

3) Chamray Shirt Burgundy Jeans

Burgundy jeans are popping up in everyone’s closet, and for good reason! It’s a great way to break into color denim if you’re still unsure of how to wear the trend. It goes well with everything, including, you guessed it, dark chambray!

4) Chambray Shirt + Black Jeans

Of course what’s easier than a good solid pair of black jeans. A great look for going out at night. Works just as well with black leggings too!

5) Chambray Shirt + Flashy Skirt

The same concept above taken up a notch. This is a super chic look for a date night. A sequin skirt and flirty tights say sexy while still having girlish charm. You could also do this over a sequin dress for the same effect.

6) Chambray Shirt + Bright Print Skirt

Need a date look for the day time? Try a bright floral or printed skirt. Its cute and casual. Would be adorable to wear to the fair!

7) Chambray Shirt + White Shorts

Go for high contrast with a pair of white shorts. It’s preppy and cute! Even preppier if your pair it with a gold boyfriend watch.

8) Chambray Shirt + Striped Skirt

Since dark chambray is technically a solid, you can pair it with all your favorite striped skirts! Seen here with a knee length one, but a maxi striped skirt would work just as well.

9) Chambray Shirt + Boyfriend Blazer

Need to wear it to work? Easy! Throw a blazer over it and some cropped jeans! Bam! A chic look that screams sophisticated professor!

10) Chambray Shirt + Pleated Skirt

Mix masculine and feminine with a pleated skirt. Tuck in the chambray shirt and add a cute belt. This look works for any occasion from shopping to a date night!


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