Wine And Paint Night

Have you heard of this thing called a Wine and Paint? You might have to look around, but by now, you might have one in your town. I’ve been passing by Canvas and Cabernet in downtown Walnut Creek for years. Always wanted the courage to try it out, but remembering how well my painting classes DID NOT go in junior college…I’m a digital artist by day, so painting in the permanent was very challenging for me. I just wasn’t cut out for it.

But after passing the studio one too many times, my girl friend and I decided we would go for it! I picked the first painting because I love Halloween and Jack Skellington, so it seemed like a safe venture. 10697300_10153294244977846_344516675439331854_o

We were such scared little newbie painters! It took a lot of (liquid) courage to get us to loosen up. But the instructors are AMAZING. Fun, silly, and super helpful. They break down even the scariest painting steps into manageable parts and the results are always so gratifying! We sipped on a great selection of wine, listened to some killer music and painted away! By the end, we were completely hooked! It was such a relaxing creative outlet. We decided to make it a regular thing, so each month since, we’ve alternative who picks and pays for that months painting.


wine and paint

Got brave, and maybe a little too cocky, and tried this one of the SF skyline. Neither of us were too happy with how they turned out, but we would not be discouraged! We learned a lot about how we paint best in that session. wine and paint

We were feeling the holiday spirit and decided that a happy Santa would be fun! Its hard to see in this blurry picture, but there is what the instructors call “painterly” things happening in that one. Loved how it turned out and one of my favorites. wine and paint

Next month was time for some landscape work. We both were pretty confident during this one, doing our own techniques to get the style we wanted it.

And we’re ready for another one! Tonight is our 5th time and we’ll be doing this pretty seascape. Hope it turns out good! Wish us luck!


Check out Canvas and Cabernet if you’re in the Walnut Creek Ca area. Or look for a local wine and paint near you! I highly recommend it!

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