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Wedding season is in full swing! And if you’re a bride planning her special day, you may have realized you have A LOT to plan. Besides finding THE dress, it can be challenging figuring out what to wear for all the other wedding events that will take place. So I’m here to give you some ideas on what to wear for each as well as tips on why.

Now to disclaimer, you may have an entirely different idea of what you’ll be doing on these events, so these are just suggestions based on the most “traditional” idea. Feel free to mix them up and re-arrange as you see fit!

The Bridal Shower

Usually this takes place first, so I’ll start here. Bridal showers can be very formal or casual, so I’m going to hit in about the middle with these suggestions. You will most likely be at someone’s home, a winery, or cafe setting. Opening presents, mingling, and playing some bridal games. I recommend going comfortable for this, so you’re not fussing with your outfit and all that ribbon! I like this sheer white crochet top (layered over a white camisole for modesty) and some white shorts. I LOVE this look. Its classy, chic, and SO bridal! You could pair it with some white heels or sandals, or even add a pop of color there (perhaps one of your wedding colors).


The Bachelorette Party

Next it’s time to go WILD! This is your last night out as a single lady, so its the BEST time to put on the sexiest dress you can find and ROCK it! For that, I highly recommend a bodycon dress. Even if you aren’t going on an all out rager, even a nice dinner with your girls is a great excuse to dress up. Of course, white would be the best choice to make sure you stand out from your crowd and get those free drinks, am I right ladies!? Try either of these white bodycon dresses that are perfect for a last night as a single lady. My personal favorite is the criss cross dress from Nikibiki, which also comes in other colors if you want your entourage to match you while you stand out! But I also have to say, I love how flattering the stone trim on this bodycon is too!


The Rehearsal Dinner

It’s the night before the big day! And hopefully you have everything in order, including what you’re wearing to the rehearsal dinner. This will be an evening with family and close friends, so its a good idea to stay modest, don’t want to offend your future mother in-law with too much cleavage! I still think a dress is a good idea, lots of pictures and memories, so take advantage of it and go all out! I’ve picked two different dresses¬†for this depending on your style. One flowy and flirty¬†and the other is a classy long sleeve bodycon.


The Wedding Day

Its the BIG day! Finally! Try to just relax and enjoy it all. Of course you’ve got your dress already handled, and hopefully shoes. But if you need a couple last minute pieces to really set off the look, here are some I like. Wedding accessories can be SO expensive, for pretty much no reason, so save yourself a little cash and get these affordable options that are just as glamorous. The first is a beautiful crystal necklace from Relics by Robin. The collection is called Bling It On, for good reason, these babies SPARKLE! There are also matching earrings if you need them! And last, but not least, is the stunning crystal headband from Deepa Gurnani, which looks amazing in an updo or down!


There you have it ladies! Some great bridal choices for your big day events! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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